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  1. What is the difference between a rented and a bought e-book?
    Each bought e-book can be installed and read on 6 computers, and it can be printed. You can chose when you want to download the e-book on a second, third, … computer for free. This means that you can still download the e-book after a few years, for example after having bought a new computer. The downloading on several computers is only possible when you download and activate the free software Digital Editions first.

    Each rented e-book can be installed on one computer only and can only be read during 24 hours. In addition, only 10 random chosen pages can be printed.
  2. On which computers and other data carriers can the e-books be read?
    All our e-books can be read on Mac OS, on Windows computers and on the Sony Reader Digital Book, but on this last one, the multimedia that are present in every e-book can neither be read nor heard.
  3. Which software do I need to read the e-books?
    The only software required to read the e-books is Adobe’s free Digital Editions . You need to activate this software in order to be able to download the purchased e-books on several computers.
  4. What is Digital Editions and what can I do with it?
    The Adobe® Digital Editions-software represents a fascinating way to view and manage e-books and other digital publications. Use the software to download and purchase the digital content, to read it online or offline. Carry over the e-books that are protected against copying from your computer to other computers or devices. Organise your e-books in a fitted library and provide the pages with notes.
  5. Can the e-books be copied and is this allowed?
    When you buy an e-book, you are able and allowed to copy this book on six different computers. You only have to download the free software Digital Editions first and you need to activate it. To download a bought e-book on a second computer, for example, you have to go to your order history in the e-shop on your second computer and there you click on the earlier bought e-book(s) to download it.

    Copying to 6 computers in total is not time-limited and is only possible:
    1. If FIRST Adobe Digital Editions is activated (in that way Adobe counts the number of downloads of the e-book)
    2. And then AFTERWARDS you click on the sent link, or, those who registered in the e-shop, go to their personal page, where they click on the bought e-book again to start the download
    3. Those who want to download the bought e-book on a second, third,… computer have to install Adobe Digital Editions FIRST, with the same login data as the first Adobe download, of course.

    When you rented an e-book, you can read it on one computer for 24 hours.
  6. Can e-books be printed?
    In the rented e-books only 10 random pages can be printed, both in colour and in black/white.
  7. I want to be informed when a new e-book is published. What do I have to do?
    This is very easy. Just click “Register” in the left column of the home page and fill in the required data. Immediately after the registration you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation of your registration. With this information you will get access to your personal page, where you can indicate that you want to be kept informed about the publishing of new e-books.
  8. Can I edit my password myself?
    Yes, you can do this very easily by clicking on “Edit password”, after having registered once-only first.
  9. I cannot activate Digital Editions. What now?
    When you cannot activate the program, just delete it, deactivate Windows Firewall for a moment, download Digital Editions again, activate it and reset the Firewall.
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